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    ECO-4000 Conveyor Toaster

    • Electric
    • Countertop design
    • 1-1/2" high x 10" wide opening
    • Toast bagels, buns & muffins
    • Variable speed
    • Top & bottom metal sheathed heating elements
    • Analog controls

    Developed for Great Toast and Energy Savings

    • Results show that ECO 4000 saves 36% more energy compared to competitive products.
    • Electronic Model Features * Toast-Now technology that allows the user to begin toasting immediately – Just put a piece of bread, bagel or muffin in, press the appropriate cycle button and it’s toasting. No more waiting for warm-up times, or having to consume excess energy to keep the unit “ready” for sporadic business.
    • Toast cycle is monitored to give consistent toast whether a single piece or 100 pieces are processed.
    • Preset Programmable buttons allow for setup of store menu *including long run cycles for meal times or specialty products such as waffles or pastries.
    • Allows for front and back of store use.
    • Conveyor Configuration allows for thick products (up to 1.5 in.) to be cooked and discharged. Bagels and English muffins will not get stuck! No need for the 3 inch opening and the energy it wastes! Smaller opening still allows for large products and gives energy savings.
    • Energy saving mode in the programmed time cycle allows the unit (either Electronic or Analog) to automatically go into idle mode following a busy time. Set it and it takes care of itself!
    • All setting are fully adjustable for individual preference.