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    APW Single Overhead Warmer

    • Heat Lamp
    • 18" long
    • tubular metal heater rod
    • single heater rod housing
    • with high wattage elements
    • stainless steel construction
    • 400w
    • infinite control

    Maximum Overhead Heat for Warming Areas 

    • Delivers over 22% more heat to your prepared food than competitive models. 
    • Unique heating sytem provides the highest wattage in the category. High watt version has 15% more power than competition. 
    • Polished “mirror finished” stainless steel reflectors behind heating elements radiate more heat toward food. 

    Easy to Install & Customize to Current Systems 

    • All units come standard with sturdy stainless steel mounting brackets. 
    • A wide option of lengths and mounting accessories let you customize the overhead warming system that is perfect for your operation. (Stands to hold up to 24”).
      • T leg stands 
      • Tubular post mount stand 
      • Chain suspension
    • Extra electrical conduit knockout locations allow flexibility in installations. 
    • Available with either an infinite or toggle control that can be supplied within the unit or in a “remote” control box. (remote is recommended). Installer provides wiring between “remote” control box and unit. (remote is recommended).