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Price: $2,514.00 Each

    DoughXpress Dough Divider

    Easily divide dough for exact portion control with the DoughXpress DX-BMIH-36 36-Piece Manual Dough Divider. Featuring an interchangeable 36-piece head assembly to allow fast and accurate scaling of dough into 36-pieces ranging in weights of 1-ounce up to 4-ounces each.

    The DX-BMIH-36 is capable of dividing many types of yeast-raised dough, including bread & bun dough, tortilla & pizza dough, cookie dough, pie-dough, and even ground meat or sausage.

    Removable head assembly can be placed entirely into a sink or dishwasher for easy, complete cleaning and sanitation.

    Click here for Product Specification Sheet (PDF)

    Standard Features:

    • Manual
    • Divides into 36-pieces (1 oz. - 4 oz.)
    • NSF
    • UL®
    • USDA