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    APW X*PERT™ Series HotRod® Roller Grill
    • Flat Surface Roller Grill
    • 34-3/4 W x 29-9/16" D
    • Chrome surface rollers
    • Infinite heat controls
    • Approximately 1275 frank capacity per hour
    • Stainless steel construction

    Designed to Deliver Great Tasting Hot Dogs

    • Roller grill heats quickly and has a fast recovery time
    • Heating system easily adjusts from grilling temperatures to NSF-safe holding temperatures

    Easy to Operate and Maintain

    • “Easy to read” graphics and heavy duty knobs on the control panel make it easier for employees to operate at the correct temperatures
    • Infinite Control System gives operator the maximum ability to adjust temperatures to a variety of hot dogs, sausage, egg roll, or other roll type products
    • Raised rollers allow cleaning in “hard to reach” areas
    • Removable grease collection pan is simple to clean
    • Unit is supplied with “easy to remove” side and bottom panels for maintenance needs
    • Dependable, high torque motor is one of the most dependable in the industry