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    Easily grill anything from hotdogs to taquitos with the Star 30C Grill-Max Roller. Chrome rollers deliver a durable cooking surface designed to handle high-volume demand. Don't forget to complete the setup with the 30SG-1D Single Door Sneeze Guard.

    Star Grill-Max® Hot Dog Grill

    • Capacity 30 hot dogs
    • High-performance motor designed for 24/7 operations
    • Standard chrome rollers provide a durable cooking surface
    • Internal and external seals at each roller eliminate the potential for grease and food particles to enter the drive system.
    • Front and side service access 
    • Infinite temperature controls provide more linear heat control for better performance. 
    • Unique stadium seating slanted roller design provides the best presentation of your products increasing sales and impulse purchases. 
    • Easy access control knobs provide sectional heating for front and rear rollers.