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Price: $849.00 Each

    Curtron Air - DT-24-EH 2-Go Pro Drive-Through Air Curtain - Heated

    The heated 24" Curtron DT-24-EH 2-Go Pro Drive-Through air curtain offers a convenient and practical way to increase drive-thru window efficiency.

    Create a shielding air barrier that protects drive-through attendants from inclement weather, flying insects, and harmful carbon monoxide fumes caused by car exhaust. The DT-24 will also help lower energy costs by preventing heated or conditioned air from escaping through the often-open drive-thru window. Electric heating blocks out cold drafts during winter seasons.

    Perfect for indoor use on drive-thru windows at restaurants, pharmacies, or any other facility with a service window, the DT-24 was designed to be extremely quiet so that customer orders can be heard clearly without interference.

    Standard Features:

    • 2-Go Pro Drive-Through Window Air Curtain
    • Heated
    • Covers up to 24" wide window
    • For windows up to 48" high
    • Stainless steel housing
    • Made in the USA