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    TurboChef High h Conveyor 2620 - Electric Conveyor Oven

    Great for high-production kitchens, the TurboChef HHC2620 STD Electric Conveyor Oven can cook up to (100) 12-inch pizzas per hour using impingement heat on its 26" wide conveyor belt.

    By passing food through the 26"W x 20"L cooking chamber, the HHC2620 utilizes greater air flow for a directed heat penetration that cooks products at half the bake time of traditional conventional ovens.

    Easy to operate controls ensure maximum product quality and consistency, with up to eight customizable cooking profiles via manual entry or smart card.

    Standard Features:

    • Conveyor Oven
    • Rapid Cook
    • Electric
    • Countertop
    • Stackable design (requires stacking kit)
    • 26" wide by 20" length cooking chamber
    • 26" wide belt
    • Variable speed motor
    • Idle mode
    • Built-in self diagnostics
    • Smart voltage sensor technology
    • Cool to touch covers and panels
    • Stainless steel front, top, sides and back
    • Stainless steel interior

    Click here for Product Specification Sheet (PDF)